Virtual Tour – Domaine Saint Hilaire
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Virtual Tour

Domaine Saint Hilaire is a family run estate of 75ha with roughly half under vine.

The soils are clay-limestone varying from 5m to 20m above sea level. Average yields vary greatly depending on the parcel and the grape variety. Minimum yields are roughly 15hl/ha for wines destined for the top range - SILK Trilogy and the Barrel Select Grenache for example. Yields equivalent to one bottle per vine are in the right sort of range for the Advocate wines, averaging roughly 30hl/ha. And for the entry level wines yields are normally around 50hl/ha, roughly half the legal maximum.

The vineyard is farmed according to the Agriculture raisonnée method, which means avoiding unnecessary interventions, measuring and analyzing the vineyard in order to make interventions as efficient as possible and reducing treatments wherever possible.

You can explore the map below, which has information on the different parcels and photos from around the domaine.