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Chardonnay (from €7.08)

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Chardonnay is the grape variety behind Domaine Saint Hilaire's reputation as one of the best Languedoc producers of clean, fresh drinking white wines at the varietal level.  

 Classification: IGP Pays d’Oc blanc

 Terroir: Light clay/limestone

 Grape variety: 100 % Chardonnay

 Vinification: Cold settling, fermentation in stainless steel tanks in several separate lots with different selected yeasts at controlled temperature; no malolactic fermentation; blending together of different lots after termination of fermentation.

 Character: Notes of citrus and apple on the nose with a touch of minerality. These aromas lengthen in the mouth. A structured wine with well balanced acidity showing layers of complexity. Good length with notes of dried fruit, almonds and hazel nuts.

Alcohol: 13.5%