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Your very own vines (from €140)

€150.00 EUR

Become a Saint Hilaire "Vine Holder"

The perfect gift for serious wine lovers and enthusiasts.  Here's how it works -

  • Choose your favourite wine from our vineyard  
  • We allocate you 40 vines that are used to make your selected wine and which then are tagged with your chosen name as the “vine holder” for the period of one vintage
  • We tend the vines and make the wine as usual but offer the opportunity for vine holders to come and be as involved in the vines as they like, pruning, harvesting, racking, bottling. Vine holders can also visit the domaine to meet the wine maker and taste the wine at various stages as it matures
  • On purchase we send you a physical certificate and photo of your vines
  • Each quarter until your wine is bottled we send an update and photos explaining how your vines / wine are doing and the work that is going on in the vineyard / cellar
  • The wine  produced by the vines (about 3 cases or 36 bottles) can be bought at a 30% discount to the normal individual bottle price
  • The price for one vintage is €150 for the 40 vines and it gets cheaper if you opt for more vines or vintages – at this price the discount on the 3 cases would roughly cover the cost of the gift – i.e. all the above is free if you buy the 3 cases of wine made by the vines


Here are a few more detailed terms and conditions:

  • If you don't want to wait for the wine to be ready you can use your discount for another vintage or even wine
  • Due to the practicalities of looking after the vines and making wine, some visit dates need to be fixed by us and not chosen by the vine holder - e.g. the date of harvest
  • The rights of vine holders are limited to those described above. All ownership and control rights are reserved for Domaine Saint HIilaire
  • The 30% discount cannot be combined with other offers